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Enjoy an abundance of flavorful food options while achieving your wellness goals.  You'll feel great too!

ROSANNA'S MISSION STATEMENT:Providing customized nutrition solutions for everyone.

About Rosanna

Rosanna Gibbons MS RD LDN  is a nutrition educator and counselor with a 40 year career in the private practice, public health,  corporate, community, counseling and entrepreneurial  settings .A graduate of Medical College of Virginia Dietetic Internship Program, and  a Full Graduate Assistant in Medical Biology from Long Island University, CW Post Campus, Rosanna has lectured on the national and international level, at Food Nutrition Conferences and Expositions of the American Dietetic Association. 

She has presented at International Diabetes Federation and Academy of Diabetes Educators conventions. She has been a mentor for the Physician Nutrition Education Program of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She has developed validated screening tools for outcome studies in heart disease at Johns Hopkins Medical Centers , and for home care care planning for Abbott Pharmaceuticals. She has published professional reference texts, and coauthored  position papers for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She has testified at government forums such as National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine Food and Nutrition Board . She is noted extensively on the web from her prior posts as a Yahoo Health Expert website Eat Better Live Better.Most recently she has completed the American Dietetic Association certification in Adult Weight Management. 

She specializes in providing customized nutrition case management  with a focus on achieving optimal health outcomes and lifelong nutritional change.

  Her professional philosophy is best embodied by the mission statement: “Providing customized nutrition solutions for everyone!” 

In her spare time, Rosanna loves to stay active dancing, biking, hooping and kayaking. She enjoys traveling and taking cooking lessons everywhere she goes. Her most recent passion is "Drumming Down the Sun". You can occasionally catch her at drum circles around Sarasota, FL. 

My  Approach to Nutrition Counseling

 Personalized Meal Plan Development and Customized  Progress Monitoring   Cut through the health-craze din to target advice that is personalized, thoughtful, and effective.

No 'points,' one-size-fits-all, prefab meals,  tear off sheet, or bestseller list dieting here.  Every nutrition plan is  an individualized work of art :customized to specific food preferences, medical needs and lifestyle. You don’t have to give up your favorite foods to eat healthy! Individualized case management with frequent follow ups is key to nutrition success.  We will monitor changes in body composition, lab work, and lifestyle to ensure permanent nutrition success. Let's work together to achieve your health, weight, and fitness goals. 

Rosanna supports patients with widely different goals and needs. You can take control of your eating habits and reduce the progression of chronic disease and reliance on medications.    She specializes in developing nutrition plans  for individuals with complex medical conditions.  Rosanna Gibbons has the expertise to customize an eating style to meet your specific nutrition needs, including: Weight Loss Management , Heart Health, Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control,  Sports Nutrition, Cholesterol Management,  Blood Pressure Control,  Pediatric Nutrition, Disease Prevention, Gastro -Intestinal Disorders,  Oncology,  and Culinary Arts

 See our referring physicians page for further details. Rosanna has counseled athletes at  a professional, collegiate, and high school level. See our Nutrition for Athletes page additional information on her approach to Sports and Fitness Nutrition.

Receive the counseling you need in the way that works best for you and your lifestyle. In between or in lieu of face-to-face sessions receive continuous attention and coaching via Skype, Face Time, email, and phone call follow up.  Your nutritionist is on call to respond to you when you need her, however you prefer to communicate!

In addition to Individual Counseling, Rosanna provides the following services:

Genetic Testing

Want the most customized diet based on your genetic make up? Through a simple saliva test, Rosanna will design a nutrition plan based on your body's nutritional risk factors. 

See our Genetic Testing Page for additional information. 

Worksite Wellness Programs

Interested in facilitating some office-wide healthy eating? Rosanna offers one hour lectures on a variety of topics. All presentations include easy to follow slides, question and answer periods and handouts.  

See our Worksite Wellness Page for the list of presentation topics we offer. 


Launching a new product or program? Bring on Rosanna to provide expert advice and enhance your credibility. As your consulting Registered Dietitian, Rosanna will meet with your team to guide and shape your product and project. 

See our Consulting Page for additional information. 

Insurance and Fees:   working with you to address your insurance concerns.


85% of all insurance companies in the state of Maryland do recognize nutrition counseling services delivered by a registered dietitian, when there is a medical issue such as high blood pressure or diabetes.  However, individual coverage does vary! Consult with your insurance carrier for details on the inclusion criteria of your particular plan. Assistance is available to facilitate submission of invoices to your insurance company but direct billing is not offered. 


Rates are based on usual and customary fees as recognized by most insurance companies.  As cases vary, fees are not posted on this website, but more guidance can be provided by contacting us. 


Dear Valued Nutrition Patron:

Due to covid – concerns, I am conducting my practice predominantly via tele-health . 

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